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Edit marks may be placed anywhere; they do not need to be placed on top of Location Marks. Thus, Location Marks can be used for a variety of reasons, and may be placed anywhere close to where a passage needs editing. The GO TO keys and SCRUB WHEEL are used to locate where an Edit Mark is to be placed. It is also possible to simply play down to a desired edit point and place an Edit Mark. When an entry point is located, press EDIT IN to mark the point; it will appear as a triangular mark at the top of the display.

PUBLIC DIRECTORY A SHORTCUT PROMO EDITED A SHORTCUT PROMO ORIGINAL NEWS HOUR CAR DOOR CAR PEEL OUT DOG GROWL 48K TIME 2:45:16 [1 ] 0:36 0:52 1:00:03 [ 5] 0:04 [ 7] 0:11 [ 3] 0:06 DISPLAY SCREEN SHOWING FILE LISTING WITHIN A SINGLE DIRECTORY USING HOT KEYS Hot Keys are so named because they perform an immediate or "hot" audio playback function programmed into them. The Shortcut Editor provides 10 Hot Keys. In their most basic form, an audio "sound bite" can be mapped to a Hot Key for instant playback at a later time.

You are given the opportunity to first Format the disk you insert by pressing ERASE. This operation creates a DigiCart/II Plus format disk; the resulting disk will not be readable on the Shortcut.

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