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This permits two methods of drive control: automatic train drive via radar operator's turret train order with conventional pointer target sighting control, or conventional target sighting control by both pointer and trainer. Fuze setting control. htm (55 of 82)7/19/2006 16:12:44 to stop fuze setting and set SAFE position for return to stowage. Gun firing control. * Powder cases do not include percussion primers, as a safety precaution, because of rough handling in automatic loading. The electrical firing system includes other safety precautions and special arrangements.

They modify the gun orders in all methods of control by making local changes that correct the computed order for mechanical faults and that compensate for the differences in visual angles at the turret and at the controlling director. Thus, in turret automatic control, the sight setter's indicator functions to alter the remote gun order and modify gun positions in both range and azimuth. htm (51 of 82)7/19/2006 16:12:44 controlled by the sight setter's indicator, but the elevating movement is free under foot control by the trainer.

Other elements of the pointer's control panel are three vertical columns of indicator lights that show the conditions of readiness of the power and regulator electric supply circuits. Three switches separately control the illumination supplies for these indicators. Another series of three switches are the respective master switches for starting and stopping the main and auxiliary electric motors. htm (41 of 82)7/19/2006 16:12:43 CRUISER 8-INCH TURRET - PART 1 Figure 35. Projectile Hoist General Arrangement 36 Figure 36.

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