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By Geoffrey Leech

This alphabetical advisor truly defines average grammatical phrases and exhibits how they're used, encompassing versions as present in Huddleston and Pullum's Cambridge Grammar of the English Language.

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F) [Weather permitting], the competition will be held in the open. In more formal English, the subject of a nominal -ing clause is sometimes a genitive or a possessive pronoun: The flight delay was due to [its being the peak holiday season]. An -ing clause is sometimes called a ‘present participle construction’ (especially when it is adjectival, as in (d)), or a ‘gerund(ival) construction’ (when it is nominal). ) -ing form The form of the verb ending in -ing, for example: being, doing, sending, increasing.

D declarative clause A clause which expresses a statement or proposition, normally making some assertion about the universe of reality, for example: I’ve broken my watch. Pluto is invisible to the naked eye. In a declarative clause normally the subject precedes the verb phrase, which in turn precedes other elements such as object and complement (1). See clause, sentence types. defining relative clause Another name for restrictive relative clauses. ) definite article The word the, the most common word in English.

An arquebus is an old-fashioned firearm. Historically, a/an is a reduced form of the word one, and it is often used instead of one in expressions like a hundred, an hour and a half, and the like. ) indefinite pronoun, indefinite determiner A pronoun or determiner with indefinite meaning; a quantifier. The indefinite pronouns and determiners in English are: pronouns: anybody anyone anything none determiners: a/an everybody everyone everything every nobody no one nothing somebody someone something no both pronouns and determiners: any either fewest all enough half both (a) few (a) little each fewer less least many more most much neither one several some independent and dependent clauses An independent clause is one which is not part of (that is, is not subordinate to) another clause.

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