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By Francisco Rodriguez Adrados

Greek is among the few languages nonetheless identified to us after 3 thousand years which are nonetheless spoken at the present time. during this English translation of Francisco Rodr?guez Adrados’s Historia de lengua griega, an outline is gifted of the improvement of the Greek language at its assorted levels. Professor Adrados touches on a wealthy number of issues, creating a background of the Greek Language right into a vibrant selection of linguistic principles.

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K r e t s c h m e r 1946, p . , and O . H o f f m a n n 1973, p . 25 ff. ), and the m e m o r y o f the Pelasgians o f the heroic p e r i o d persisted. , V I I I 44; he refers to traces o f t h e m in Placia and Scylace, near the Propontis.

B y stepping in and driving wedges between the o l d dialects, s o m e o f w h i c h h a d b e e n transported to the other side o f the sea, the Dorians contributed to the isolation o f the settlements and, in short, to dialectal differentiation, w h i c h is not attested (perhaps for a simple lack o f data) in either M y c e n a e a n o r the A c h a e a n epic o f the poets. M a n y years must have passed before the unifying ten­ dencies re-emerged. 56. As we know, on the basis of a well-known work by J.

F | ( C y p . , written B o e o t . ) /icev (AeoL) /KGC (only in D o r . ) ; the preposition ev + A c ( A r c - C y p . ) / + D . (other dialects); etc. Sometimes, archaisms are only f o u n d in M y c : the preservation o f the groups -pm-, -tm-> o f the p r o n o u n to-to> e t c O r , w e find only archaic doublets (or doublets consisting o f an archaic f o r m and a recent f o r m , c o r r e s p o n d i n g to the other dialects): -or- / -or- (vocal­ isations o f <*-r-); the prepositions o-pi / e-pi, me-ta / pe-da; thematic and athematic verbal forms; D .

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