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Abraham took what God had given him and distributed it before he died. He executed his last will and testament himself. He was the administrator because he knew his heirs would fight and kill to get their share, so he paid them off. I received a letter recently regarding a beautiful person who used to be a member of our church. She had bought a bond on our church a number of years ago for a thousand dollars. She got old and went out to California where she died. The children are now writing back, demanding their money and all the interest on it for that little bond.

Before he could get to the bottom, I had ripped off my shirt and had taken out my scissors and my comb which I kept with me, because I was a barber. I wrapped my shirt around his neck to protect his clothes from hair. Holding the scissors and the comb, I said, "Sir, would you just forgive me before I cut your hair? I was so wrong. I am sorry. " He turned and said, "No, I was wrong. Would you forgive me? I think maybe Mr. " I said, "Oh, dear God, Let's not change sides. " I trimmed his hair and he was thankful.

When God has something to say, have a listening ear! Whole denominations miss God because they cannot hear what He has to say. Many preachers of large congregations cannot hear when God wants to move them into a deeper way of life, and they have missed what God is doing in their generation. Nobody is claiming that it is easy to hear God. Jesus said that there were those who had ears, but did not hear. I can assure you that there are millions of so-called Christians who do not know the voice of God at all.

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