Download Achtung! Cthulhu: Zero Point - Heroes of the Sea by Modiphius Entertainment PDF

By Modiphius Entertainment

Wartime roleplaying…
…with tentacles!

Achtung! Cthulhu brings you a wartime name OF CTHULHU roleplaying video game atmosphere packed packed with fiendish Nazis, terrifying historic mysteries, mythical warfare machines, and sufficient writhing tentacles to fill ten Reichstags!

Heroes of the ocean is the second one standalone event complement within the globe-spanning 0 element crusade. Play infantrymen, brokers, and resistance warring parties within the chaos and carnage of the conflict of Dunkirk, as a sinister conspiracy threatens the lives of the taking flight Allied forces!

Inside you will discover every thing you need:
• A standalone sixty three web page multi-episode event for a number of classes of play!
• New principles for wartime investigations, together with tanks and Stukas!
• Maps of Europe and the evacuation at Dunkirk
• An “Operational Briefing” and plenty of different appealing handouts!
• 4 pre-generated characters to get you enjoying immediately!

Requires a replica of the decision OF CTHULHU sixth variation ideas to play.

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We suggest the “Mysterious Activities Joint Intelligence Committee”. MAJIC. Gear For the Operation: WOTAN mission, each investigator is issued with the following items of basic gear in addition to weapons and ammunition: • 2 hand grenades • 1 gas tank charge (shaped grenade) • 1 garrotte • 1 dagger • 1 water bottle • 1 gas mask • 1 entrenching tool • 1 potassium cyanide “L-pill” • 1 haversack containing: » 2 packs of 24-hour rations (including tea) » 1 ground sheet » 1 enamelled mug » 1 mess tin » 1 collapsible stove » 1 tin of fuel blocks » 1 tin of water purification tablets The operations group as a whole also carries the following equipment.

The following battle events require SAN rolls: Event SAN Loss Being shot at 0/1 Seeing a friend wounded 0/1 Being wounded 0/1D2 Surprised to find corpse 0/1D3 Surprised to find body part 0/1D3 Being involved in a firefight 0/1D3 Being involved in a battle 0/1D4 Witnessing horrible deaths 0/1D4 Being attacked by a tank 0/1D4 Finding a mangled human corpse 0/1D4+1 Being attacked by a Stuka 0/1D6 Going through an artillery or mortar barrage 0/1D6 Witnessing a friend’s violent death 0/1D6 ua s an le ness Creeping up on guards and sneaking past patrols are key elements of wartime adventures.

O to top th Fish it h A sniper bullet removes the Fishwitch from the story and mitigates the denouement (see below). ). Investigators may try to seize or destroy the Sea Statue. Destroying it is difficult: it has 20 points of armour and 30 hit points. However, a shell from a tank or a large quantity of explosives may do the trick. h Cr s do Once the Searise ritual approaches its conclusion (if the investigators arrive after it begins, or allow it to take its course), appalling events begin to occur.

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