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If you need the highest quality screen grabs, go to the Options pop-up menu in the top-right corner of the Field Monitor (see Fig. 23) and change the resolution to Full. For smoothest playback, change the Frames displayed to All. If your ­computer has problems with playback of HDV, change these settings back to Half and I+P (see Figs. 25). Also, still images can be stored as JPEG, PNG-24, or BMP images. The default setting is JPEG, which does not have the quality of PNG. To change the format, go to OnLocation > Preferences > Still Images and set the Image Format to PNG-24.

Notice the audio meters and video scopes on the right. Distortion causes these small lights at the top of the audio meters to glow red. It is critical that you keep your audio levels low enough that these two red lights never glow red. Once audio is recorded with distortion, there is no technology on the planet that can fix it. Your only option is to re-record. This is a big deal, and you need to pay attention. These audio meters will help. To the right of the audio meters are the video scopes.

53 Note: Seeing All the Scopes By default, both the RGB Parade and Histogram scopes are hidden. I will explain where to find them in a few pages. Note: If You Don’t See Your Camera in the Video Monitor Most of the time, your camera will automatically appear in the video monitor. If it doesn’t, you can either turn your camera off, wait 30 seconds, then turn it back on again; or click the View Camera button in the lower left side of the Video monitor window to reestablish the connection (Fig. 15).

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