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By Alexander I. Bobenko (eds.)

This is without doubt one of the first books on a newly rising box of discrete differential geometry and a very good solution to entry this interesting region. It surveys the interesting connections among discrete versions in differential geometry and intricate research, integrable platforms and functions in laptop graphics.

The authors take a more in-depth examine discrete versions in differential

geometry and dynamical structures. Their curves are polygonal, surfaces

are made of triangles and quadrilaterals, and time is discrete.

Nevertheless, the variation among the corresponding soft curves,

surfaces and classical dynamical platforms with non-stop time can hardly ever be noticeable. this can be the paradigm of structure-preserving discretizations. present advances during this box are motivated to a wide quantity by means of its relevance for special effects and mathematical physics. This e-book is written by means of experts operating jointly on a typical learn venture. it's approximately differential geometry and dynamical platforms, soft and discrete theories, and on natural arithmetic and its sensible functions. The interplay of those features is established via concrete examples, together with discrete conformal mappings, discrete complicated research, discrete curvatures and unique surfaces, discrete integrable structures, conformal texture mappings in special effects, and free-form architecture.

This richly illustrated publication will persuade readers that this new department of arithmetic is either attractive and helpful. it's going to entice graduate scholars and researchers in differential geometry, advanced research, mathematical physics, numerical tools, discrete geometry, in addition to special effects and geometry processing.

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For a more detailed account, we refer the reader to [43]. The function δ is defined on the open unit ball in R3 by δ(x) = v∈V − x, v log √ − x, x , (47) where x, y = x1 y1 + x2 y2 + x3 y3 − 1. I. Bobenko et al. The gradient and Hessian matrix of δ are v x − x, v x, x grad δ(x) = v∈V Hess δ(x) = 2 v∈V , vT v xT x − − diag x, x 2 x, v 2 (49) 1 x, x . , to a quotient space C/ , where = Zω1 + Zω2 is some two-dimensional lattice in C. The biholomorphic map from R to C/ , or from the universal cover of R to C, is called a uniformizing map.

Right Fuchsian uniformizations and fundamental domains. Canonical domain (top), opposite sides domain (middle), and 12-gon (bottom) Discrete Conformal Maps: Boundary Value Problems, Circle Domains . . 53 Fig. 34 Left A surface glued from six squares. Right Fuchsian uniformization and fundamental domain For each representation we choose corresponding fundamental polygons that allow the comparison of the uniformization: • an octagon with canonical edge pairing aba b cdc d , • an octagon with opposite sides identified, abcda b c d , • a 12-gon that is adapted to the six-squares surface.

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