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In his address he recalled rather wistfully the challenges of days past and the narrowing of the schools' vision in recent years: 24 FOUNDERS The Folk High School has narrowed down its spiritual activity all too much to enlightenment for life in the individual soul and home circles. 18 Another long-standing criticism of the schools was their inability to attract young people from the towns. In 1920 only 5-6 per cent of pupils came from the towns and while this proportion increased to 10-15 per cent in the 1940s, it was the enrolment of unemployed urban youth that largely accounted for the increase.

Grundtvig and the Farmers' party, led by two folk high 20 FOUNDERS school teachers, protested vigorously and were soon joined by high school leaders, including Schr0der. Another dispute arose ten years later when the prime minister, then leader of the Right party, failing to secure passage of a finance bill in the Lower House (Folketing) dissolved Parliament and issued a Provisional Finance Law. In protest, Schr0der and other principals of the Little Theologicum group refused to apply for state grants for their schools and thirty-two other principals followed their example.

The staff may attempt to politicize students by arousing interest in political issues, but they do not consciously transmit a particular dogma. While most high school teachers tend to be left of centre, among the staff at Skaelskor there are several shades of political thought. One gets the impression that the principal has a deep faith that through a term at his school students can change as much today as they did a century ago. " There are eleven full-time staff members, four of whom are women, for a maximum enrolment of 100.

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