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S and men. These were again divided into three groups with headquarters at Versailles, Rheims, and Lyons. Towards the furtherance of this scheme 960,000 was voted field in 1912, out of a total of 1,280,000 for military aeronautics. Public subscriptions yielded a sum of 244,592. A proportionate part of this sum was handed over to the Government to buy 208 machines, but only 72 AIRFARE 30 purchased, and there was a considerable scandal created by the poor quality of these. The Committee of this National Fund decided to devote 17,000 to the foundation of 75 scholarships for training the military pilots on the condition that the successful candidates signed an agreement to join the military flying corps when the course was completed.

This is imperative, for the major portion of his work, which will be of an observational nature, will take place at an altitude of 12,000 feet and over. For preference he should be between the ages of nineteen and twenty-four. The good pilot is born so. He possesses an uncanny sixth sense of intuition. He is ready to the second for the unexpected nose-dive, tail-spin, or side-slip. He flies his craft, not as a machine, but as being one tangible body of which he himself forms part there are it ; knowing many in its every all its mood, and, and humouring flying by a peculiarities such faults and tricks ; incidentally, sense of touch.

Matter The ; land, name for purposes of convenience we will the air continent. Had our statesmen of a which decade past been endowed with imagination and foresight they would have realized the supreme importance of the island of Heligoland. With an adequate fleet of aircraft, and Heligoland as a base, we would have dominated Germany, Denmark, Russia, Sweden and Norway. Heligoland would have been an outpost, a first line of defence. As it is, we must devise some other means and that im- mediately.

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