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By Gregory MacDonald

Universalism runs like a narrow thread during the background of Christian theology. Over the centuries Christian universalism, in a single shape or one other, has been reinvented time and time back. during this ebook a world workforce of students discover the various universalisms of Christian thinkers from the Origen to Moltmann. within the advent Gregory MacDonald argues that theologies of common salvation occupy an area among heresy and dogma. The experiences during this assortment target, within the first example, to listen to, comprehend, and clarify the eschatological claims of more than a few Christians from the 3rd to the twenty-first centuries. in addition they supply a few positive, severe engagement with these claims

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Winchester’s subsequently made contact with De Benneville and they shared fellowship between 1781 and 1787. The shape of Winchester’s theology owed a lot to this pietistic version of universalism (chapter 7). Winchester himself then went on to publish on the topic and his books, in turn, converted William Vidler (1758–1816)—an English Particular Baptist minister— to the cause. ” The Relly “Family Tree” As chapter 6 makes clear, James Relly’s most celebrated convert was John Murray (1741–1815). Murray had grown up as a boy in the heart of evangelical Methodism, knowing both George Whitfield and John Wesley personally.

79 However, sanctification comes ultimately from without the Christian, as it is the Spirit who brings about all of the sanctifying work of God: “all sanctification, both in our hearts and in our words and deeds . . 83 Through the operation of the Holy Spirit, one is able to see how for Origen there is still space for Christian particularity and the quest for the holy life even within a universalist system. There is in Origen a version of universality that still allows for a greater relationship of the Logos to the saints than that which he has to all other rational creatures.

42. 125. 43. 168–80. 44. , Heine, I. 181–265. ”47 Wisdom contains, in Origen’s thought, the potentiality of all creation in its diversity. By virtue of that, she also contains the many epinoiai of Christ, which exist for the sake of the variety of creation. This economic focus of the epinoia is important in Origen. 48 While a few titles belong to Christ by essence, others were taken on for the sake of creation. ”49 There is thus an economic focus to the vast majority of the epinoiai. While more heterodox versions of the teaching are focused on Christ’s nature, leading to some version of docetic Christology focused on the incompatibility of the Logos and flesh,50 Origen’s version of the teaching is focused on Christ’s work and is thereby primarily soteriological.

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