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Hence if m is taken as the kilogramme mole of any gas, Rm will always have the same value, which is R = 8314 J kmol- 1 K- 1 Although the value of the gas constant R is of great importance, it has no fundamental significance, since the size of the kilogramme mole is an arbitrary choice depending upon the standard unit of mass and the convention that the mass of the common isotope of carbon be taken as 12. Hence it is often more convenient to use a more fundamental constant: viz. R - = k = Boltzmann's constant No This may be regarded as the gas constant for a single molecule.

These are the elements that form positive ions, a property typical of metals. 11 X-ray spectra Energies of a high order are required to remove the electrons in the inner shells of the heavier atoms from their orbits-energies such as would be acquired by an electron in traversing a potential difference of a few kilovolts. When an electron is removed in such a manner, the vacancy is filled by another electron jumping in from an outer orbit with a consequent evolution of energy. This is given out as a quantum of electromagnetic radiation, the wavelength being of the order of 1/1000 of that of visible light.

Derive an expression for the energy levels of a hydrogen atom according to the Bohr-Rutherford theory. Hence, calculate the wavelengths of the spectral lines corresponding to electrons jumping from the n = 2 to n = 1 and n = 4 to n = 3 levels. 5. Describe the arrangement of electrons in atoms of the alkali metals and the nature of the bond between atoms in crystals of these metals. How are some of the physical properties typical of metals explained in terms of his structure? [MST] 6. A diffraction experiment shows that a certain beam of electrons exhibits a wavelength of 0·4 nm.

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