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By V. F. Butúzov

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And at the same time I am sorry to leave the Soviet Union, a country that accorded me hospitality and where I lived for almost forty years. 'Together with your people I experienced the hardships of war, I knew what it was to suffer and to struggle together with them, and to rejoice in victory. I have always admired the speed with which Soviet people managed to heal the wounds of war and to rebuild the devastated economy. T h e successes accomplished by you are simply amazing . . ' ' T h e Spanish people,' Dolores Ibarruri added, 'regard the people of the L a n d of Soviets as their old and true friend.

Mean- 44 From Dictatorship to Democracy time the situation in the country became increasingly tense. T h e whole of 1970 was marked by the stubborn strikes of construction workers. On 21 July the police opened fire at strikers in Granada and killed three of them. Pedro Patino, a builder, was cut down by shots fired by gendarmes in Getafe. A group of Franco opponents was put on trial in Burgos in December and this sparked off world-wide protests. On completing his prison term, Marcelino Camacho became a free man again in March 1972.

I was instructed to address local workers and fishermen and tell them about the decisions of the 7th Congress of the Comintern, which I attended together with the Party's General Secretary José Diaz. At the time, the Comintern supported our line aimed at achieving the accord of all democratic organisations. I remember how a group of provocateurs tried to break u p a meeting organised by the provincial committee of the P C E in La Coruna. But this provocation failed while the cause of unity in Galicia won.

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