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By Abraham A. Ungar

This can be the 1st publication on analytic hyperbolic geometry, absolutely analogous to analytic Euclidean geometry. Analytic hyperbolic geometry regulates relativistic mechanics simply as analytic Euclidean geometry regulates classical mechanics. The publication provides a singular gyrovector house method of analytic hyperbolic geometry, totally analogous to the well known vector area method of Euclidean geometry. A gyrovector is a hyperbolic vector. Gyrovectors are equivalence sessions of directed gyrosegments that upload in keeping with the gyroparallelogram legislation simply as vectors are equivalence periods of directed segments that upload in response to the parallelogram legislation. within the ensuing "gyrolanguage" of the e-book one attaches the prefix "gyro" to a classical time period to intend the analogous time period in hyperbolic geometry. The prefix stems from Thomas gyration, that is the mathematical abstraction of the relativistic impression often called Thomas precession. Gyrolanguage seems to be the language one must articulate novel analogies that the classical and the trendy during this publication share.The scope of analytic hyperbolic geometry that the ebook provides is cross-disciplinary, regarding nonassociative algebra, geometry and physics. As such, it's obviously appropriate with the precise conception of relativity and, relatively, with the nonassociativity of Einstein speed addition legislations. besides analogies with classical effects that the e-book emphasizes, there are striking disanalogies besides. hence, for example, in contrast to Euclidean triangles, the edges of a hyperbolic triangle are uniquely decided via its hyperbolic angles. stylish formulation for calculating the hyperbolic side-lengths of a hyperbolic triangle when it comes to its hyperbolic angles are provided within the book.The publication starts with the definition of gyrogroups, that's totally analogous to the definition of teams. Gyrogroups, either gyrocommutative and nongyrocommutative, abound in staff thought. unusually, the likely structureless Einstein speed addition of certain relativity seems to be a gyrocommutative gyrogroup operation. Introducing scalar multiplication, a few gyrocommutative gyrogroups of gyrovectors develop into gyrovector areas. The latter, in flip, shape the surroundings for analytic hyperbolic geometry simply as vector areas shape the surroundings for analytic Euclidean geometry. through hybrid thoughts of differential geometry and gyrovector areas, it's proven that Einstein (Möbius) gyrovector areas shape the atmosphere for Beltrami-Klein (Poincaré) ball versions of hyperbolic geometry. ultimately, novel purposes of Möbius gyrovector areas in quantum computation, and of Einstein gyrovector areas in distinct relativity, are offered.

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11) gyr[a, b]O = 0 (12) gyr[a, bl(-z) = -gYr[a, bl. (13) gYr[a,oI = I + + + + + + Proof. (1) Let z be a left inverse of a corresponding to a left identity, 0, in G. We have z ( a b ) = z ( a c). By left gyroassociativity, (z a) gyr[z, a]b = (z a ) gyr[z,a]c. Since 0 is a left identity, gyr[z, a]b = gyr[z,a]c. Since automorphisms are bijective, b = c. (2) By left gyroassociativity we have for any left identity 0 of GI a z =0 ( a z) = (0 a ) gyr[0, a]z = a gyr[0, a ] z . By (1) we then have z = gyr[0, a]%for all z E G so that gyr[O,a] = I .

28 have Let (G, @) be a gyrogroup. Then, for a n y a , b, c E G we (i) (a@b)@c= a@(b@gyr[b,a]c) Right Gyroassociative Law (ii) gyr[a,b] Right Loop Property = gyr[a, b@a] Gyrogroups 43 Proof. 93). 29 (The Coloop Property (G,@) be a gyrogroup. T h e n gyr[a, bl = gyr[a gyr[a, bl = gyr[a, b - Left and Right). Let Left Coloop Property b, bl 4 Right Coloop Property for all a, b E G. proof. 101) Proof. 101). 93). 31 (The Cogyroautomorphic Inverse Property). 103) (-a) f o r any a , b g G . Proof. 103) we note that by Def.

11) Follows from (10) with z = 0. (12) Since gyr[a,b] is an automorphism of (GI+) we have from (11) + + + + + + Analytic Hyperbolic Geometry 26 + + gyr[a, b](-z) gyr[a, b]z = gyr[a, b](-z z) = gyr[a, b]O = 0, and hence the result. Follows from (10) with b = 0 and a left cancellation, (9). 8, the cooperation H in a gyrogroup (G, @) satisfies aH0=0Ha=~ Using the abbreviations a b = a 83 (eb)and Ea = 0 from Def. 8) for all a E G. 34. Gyrogroups 27 The cooperation of a gyrogroup (G, @) or (G, +) is denoted by H.

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