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By Paul Hoffman

An advent to the delights and demanding situations of recent arithmetic.

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Maniac II drew a squarespiral diagram for all the primes under 10 million. Sure enough, many uncannily preferred diagonal lines. 42 ARCHIMEDES' REVENGE MANIAC'S DOODLES Euler's formula n2 + n + 41 turns out to be surprisingly good for large values of n. 5 percent of the time. The formula works even better for lower values of n. For values of n under 2,398, there's an even chance of getting a prime. And for values of n under 100, the formula yields 86 primes and only 14 composite numbers. Ulam and his co-workers discovered other primegenerating formulas that are almost as good as Euler's.

In Jeremiah (25:26 and 51:41), the prophet wrote Sheshach for Babel. The second letter of the Hebrew alphabet (b) was replaced by the second-to-last letter (sh), and 48 The Cryptic Case of a Swarthy Stranger 49 the twelfth letter (I) was replaced by the twelfth-to-last letter (ch). ) The cipher is called Athbash, an acronym formed from the first Hebrew letter (a), the last letter (1h), the second letter (b), and the second-to-last letter (sh). The drawback of an elementary substitution cipher is that it can be cracked simply by analyzing the frequency with which each symbol appears.

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