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By Clare Fletcher

This pack includes a examine consultant and accompanying 60 minute cassette, designed to assist scholars make the easiest use of the "Longman Pronunciation Dictionary". The actions and workouts within the consultant goal to aid familiarize clients with the conventions utilized in the dictionary, and to offer perform in spotting and transcribing a number of English pronunciation, drawing cognizance to standard good points of spoken English. a whole key for self-study can be supplied. the extra recorded fabric offers versions of English pronunciation, provides passages for listening perform and transcription and comprises solutions to sure routines from the examine consultant. it truly is geared toward complex scholars of English, academics of English (native and non-native audio system) and scholars doing simple classes in phonetics.

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45 A nuclear power station in Bangor, North Wales, has been closed down, while maintenance work is carried out. Asphalt on the roof of the main reactor building has cracked, and accumulated debris needs to be removed. A local pressure group claim that increased incidence of migraine in the area is due to radiation escaping through the cracks. The management of the plant reject this as a mischievous attempt lo cause alarm. And now here is the latest weather forecast from the Meteorological Office ...

Twelve words are pronounced in a way which is not the main pronunciation. Underline what you think are the twelve words. Transcribe the pronunciation of these words, as you heard it. Compare your version with the Key. c. Use the dictionary to check the status of these pronunciations: are they alternative, regional, or 'incorrect' pronunciations? Complete the table. INTERNATIONAL RADIO NEWS CORPORATION TEST PIECE FOR APPLICANTS FOR POSTS AS NEWSREADERS Several London papers claimed today that a burglary had taken place at Buckingham Palace.

Dearest ˈdɪər ɪst (ˈdɪr ɪst) 4. experience ɪk ˈspɪər i əns (ɪk ˈspɪr i əns) 5. variation (ˌveər i ˈeɪʃ n) ˌver i ˈeɪʃ n 6. sincerely sɪn ˈsɪə li (sɪn ˈsɪr li) EXERCISE 75 56 1. wri(t)ing 2. la(t)er 3. return 4. rela(t)ed 5. softer 6. a(tt)ic 7. attack 8. lightning t is not voiced in 'return' and 'attack' because the t is not at the end of a syllable. t is not voiced in 'softer' and 'lightning' because the t is not between vowels. EXERCISE 76 1. (rafter) rather rock rod 2. after class (father) ghastly 3.

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